Dude Creates 40 Watt Laser Shotgun in His Garage


Holy shit, kid. This seems like an awful lot of moral responsibility. Imagine how out of control it would be if somebody had one of these on the streets. This changes everything – Burning insects with a magnifying glass is a thing of the past. Lighting fireworks with flame? What kind of medieval plebeian are you? The possibilities are endless, and somewhat terrifying. I mean, how close are we to having some schmuck in his garage create a laser as powerful as the one the Navy has?


Video Roundup: Animals Gone Wild!

There are a lot of silly animal vids going around today. Here are our favorites:

The cat that thinks it’s a dog:

The dog that thinks it’s a gymnast:

The armadillo that can’t negotiate a ramp:

Finally, the baby goats that had a pajama party:

Commercial: If Tampons Were Marketed to Guys


This video is super funny. And it makes you think about all the other would-be consequences of a world where monthly manstruation is a real thing. In reality, it’s part of a campaign to spread awareness for the 1.25 billion women around the world who don’t have access to a toilet during their periods.


Also, great hashtag: #IfMenHadPeriods

Watch Fast-food employees trade burgers for pot (video)

Two fast food workers in Washington were fired for trading hamburgers and fries for marijuana with a customer.

The customer took a video of the employees taking a hit from his pipe.

The incident happened last month but the video wasn’t posted on YouTube until a few weeks ago.

The employees had worked at the restaurant since 2012.


This week’s Viral Teeth Pulling Vids

A boy from Montana decided to film himself yanking a loose tooth by attaching it to an arrow, and firing it from his bow.

I’m not sure how you teach a bird to do this, but some kid posted a video of his parrot sticking its head in his mouth . . . and pulling out a LOOSE TOOTH.  According to the YouTube description, it’s the fifth one it’s pulled.

All I know is that when I lost teeth, it was way less coo. With a lot more crying and my mom yelling at me. – Dan

102 Year Old Tries To Blow Out Candles, Blows Out Something Else Instead

A woman in Connecticut named Louise Bonito celebrated her 102nd birthday on Sunday.  And when she tried to blow her candles out, she spit out her DENTURES instead.  They landed on the table, and she cracked up.

She did an interview about it later, and said she wasn’t embarrassed.  She was just happy to give her grandkids a good laugh.