This chick is gonna marry her bike, ride the new groom

Well, this is a bit weird.

A woman posted a crowdfunding campaign, to help her marry her bike.

She also plans to travel for 6 months, work on service projects, and develop a “Semester on Cycle” college program.

According to her Indiegogo campaign — $85 gets you in the Bachelor Party, $1500 gets you a Nude Photo of the Bride, and $2K gets you a pic of the Bride Riding the Groom.

The wedding will be a modest luau affair and the honeymoon road trip will last as long as her resources hold out.

She will couch surf, camp, budget $20 a day and blog about all of her progress.

EFFED UP HEADLINE: Bank Teller vs. Man With a Cleaver… Who Ya’ Got?

A bank teller in China was caught on video laughing at a bank robber who was threatening her with a meat cleaver.

The crook waltzed into the bank, went to the teller, and held the knife up to the glass.

The teller smiles…almost laughing as she points to the clever and talks to another employee about what was going on.

Guards wrestled the man to the ground and took the knife away. No one was hurt, and the video has since gone viral.

Frisbee trick shots in Dubai

Dubai must be the best place to get this bored in.

EFFED HEADLINE: Man Found a Dead Rat in Cake He Bought for His 96th Birthday (VIDEO)

A 96-year-old man wanted a slice of his favorite German apple ring cake from his local supermarket on his birthday.

But what the New Yorker got instead was a severe case of diarrhea after allegedly biting into a dead rat.

The man’s nephew said his uncle complained about the taste after downing one spoonful of the store-baked cake.

He said he noticed what looked like a line of black mold and when they flipped it over, it seemed to be a rat’s tail.

That’s when they saw the rodent’s five-inch-long tail still attached to its hindquarters ‘bleeding into the cake’.

The nephew contacted an attorney who plans to turn the cake over to state officials for testing, while they consider whether or not to file a lawsuit.

Meanwhile, a rep for the store says that they have no known rodent issues and they are conducting an ‘internal investigation’.