A guy made a viral video about how awful his town was, and got evicted from his house

Annandale, Virginia is right outside D.C. And a guy who lives there posted a video last year about how much he HATES it. Now someone found it and posted it on Reddit, so it's going viral. It's done like a tourist video, but only shows the bad stuff, like bags of trash on the sidewalk [...]

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Pornhub Releases Sexy Workout Videos

Pornhub is offering a sexy workout alternative called “Bangfit.” The porn site’s exercise routine features several “sexercises” that lets users tone, build and strengthen muscles with basic athletic and acrobatic positions such as "squat and thrust" and "missionary press." The program seems like an adult version of the Wii Fit. The workout consists of players [...]

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A New Product Finally Lets You Lick Your Cat

Do you ever sit there watching your cat LICK himself and think, "Man, I wish I could get in on that"? Well, now you can. Congratulations? There's a new product for sale called the Licki Brush, and it lets you finally experience the joy of licking your cat . . . but in a productive [...]

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A Guy Rescued Someone From a Burning Car . . . But Only After He Set Up His Camera to Record It

Welcome to 2016, where, if you do something AMAZING but it's NOT on social media . . . did it really happen? A guy named Santiago Portillo from Riverside, California was at work on Wednesday, when a car crashed outside and caught on FIRE. So Santiago ran outside to heroically rescue anyone who might be [...]

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Say hello to the “Chambong”

The Chambong is a device used for the rapid and enhanced experience of of sparkling wine / champagne consumption. The Chambong has a 6-ounce capacity, is made of a dishwasher-safe, high borosilicate glass, and is a great addition to your barware. According to its makers: The origins of the first Chambong came about in early 2014, during a moment [...]

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Gene Simmons’ Wife Slams Paul Stanley

Gene Simmons's wife slammed Paul Stanley after the KISS frontman apologized for his bandmate's comments about Prince. Earlier this week, Simmons received backlash from friends, family and fans after calling Prince's death "pathetic" and insinuating that the iconic artist died from a drug overdose. Stanley denounced Simmons statement on Twitter, saying that he was "embarrassed" [...]

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A Helicopter Knocks Over a Row of Porta-Potties

A military helicopter was moving a piece of artillery for an event in England last week, when the wind from the rotors knocked over a row of ten porta-potties. It's not clear if they were FULL or not, but luckily no one was using them when it happened.

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