Firework Fails ’;15


Another 4th of July has come and gone, but with it came the morons. Be happy you didn’t pull any of these stunts.

Smooth move, dudes.

This one in Avon, CO actually injured 9 people!

What did you think would happen if strapped fireworks to your drone???

Remember to keep a hose handy!

Don’t do what these peeps did, and you should be able to keep all your fingers and your house.

Finally! An Air-Conditioned Shirt


A guy (Charles Hollcroft) from Chesapeake, Va. has developed a shirt that can keep you cool during the summer.

He is the president of Comfort Wear. He’s already developed and sold winter jackets and clothing that heats up when you press a button. Now he’s expanding into summer-wear.

The shirt runs off a battery and powers two small fans in the back of the shirt. The fans blow cool air into the shirt for about five hours. The batteries take about two hours to charge.

He hopes to be selling his air conditioned shirts next summer.

Dude Waits Until No One Is Watching To Celebrate


I’ve always wondered this about those people that never seem to be excited about anything. Won the lottery?


Got a big promotion at work?

“Hm. Must’ve been working hard.”

I always wondered if they lost their shit in private or if they were just the most miserable person on the planet.

Three Trucks Collide During Confederate Flag Parade

A bunch of people put Confederate flags on their trucks and drove through a town in northwest Georgia on Saturday.  And a video of it went viral, because one of them stopped too fast . . . got hit by the truck behind it . . . and then hit the truck in front. NSFW language.