Check out this Korn parody titled, “Korn in a nutshell”

Crazy Jonathan Davis sounds? Check. Heavy ass down-tuned guitar riffs? Check. Hip hop sounding drum beat? Check. Adidas track jacket? CHECK. This is awesome. These dudes nailed the essence of Korn.

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Guy takes flaming arrow to the neck on America’s Got Talent

An act on "America's Got Talent" went horribly wrong Tuesday night when contestant Ryan Stock was shot with a flaming arrow during an episode that was aired live. The Canadian stunt man waited for his fiancée, Amber Lynn Walker, to perfectly aim a fiery arrow at a target placed in his mouth. She missed and [...]

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Helicopter captures most adorable volcanic eruption

A helicopter company flew over an active volcano in Hawaii last week, and the lava bubbling in the crater on top made a perfect SMILEY FACE. It's the most adorable eruption ever. My money says that the meteor that ends up killing all of us will look like a cute cat or something.

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Metallica’s take on the “Pokemon” theme

Okay, so they didn't really. But somebody out there made it appear so. This is the same kind of person that would photoshop themselves into a family picture they're not a part of, upload a clearly fake prank video, or fake the moon landing. Either way, they did a damn good job. Enjoy. Or don't. [...]

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A Guy Robs a Walmart and Makes a Wild Getaway on a Mobility Scooter

This is what happens when Walmart gets FAST and FURIOUS, baby. A guy who looks like he's in his 40s stole a bunch of stuff from a Walmart in Tucson, Arizona earlier this month by putting it in the basket of his mobility scooter. It seems like he needed the scooter for an injury, because [...]

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An MMA Fighter Cracked a Guy’s Skull, Then Tossed a Pokemon Ball at Him

A British MMA fighter named Michael Page won a fight on Saturday by kneeing his opponent in the FACE.  Then while the guy was still on the ground . . . he celebrated by tossing a POKEMON BALL at him.     Luckily the guy should be okay, but he ended up with a cracked [...]

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Samuel L. Jackson narrates ‘Game of Thrones’ beginner’s guide

I still have not watched even one episode of Game of Thrones, and after all these years have still managed to not have it spoiled for me. Anyway, I know it's going to be over in a couple seasons so I might start watching it soon. I'll be so lost, and that's where this handy [...]

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Hammer throw goes awry; R.I.P. to this dude’s frank and beans

?? that would have hurt... #HadToShare #SafetyFirstPeople A video posted by Valerie Adams (@valerieadams84) on Jun 23, 2016 at 9:54am PDT When you watch a video of a guy getting hit in the nuts with any object, it gives other men sympathy pain. You can usually feel it to varying degrees depending on what kind [...]

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Two Lawyers Wrote a Song Called “Don’t Eat Your Weed”

Two lawyers in Texas posted a video on YouTube in September, and it's going viral because it's all about why you shouldn't swallow your WEED to hide it from the cops. The song is called "Don't Eat Your Weed", and the lyrics are about how it's just a misdemeanor if you get caught in Texas [...]

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