This Lion Mauling a Woman is Horrifying

She’s lucky to be alive.  She says she was told the lion was very docile.  I just hope the person who told her that wasn’t being super sarcastic, because some people are idiots and don’t understand sarcasm. Also, this is why you should only get small cats that can’t drag you around like a damn doll.

Worst Music Video Ever?

This could be one of those old viral “Worst Music Video Ever” uploads on YouTube that I somehow missed. I couldn’t find any mirrors on YouTube, so I’m going to assume that this is new. Whatever the case may be, Wally World (the band’s name, not to be confused with “Walley World,” the theme park destination of the Griswold family in National Lampoon’s Vacation or the Wally World trailer park campsite) is serving up an epic hard rock shit sandwich.

What happened to them immediately before this was shot? What did they take? Lithium?

Make sure you check out the youtube comments.  Gold.

Today in Cute: World’s Smallest Dog

KEAL COTES, LINCOLNSHIRE, England — An extremely small mixed-breed dog in England has captured the imagination of the Internet after potentially earning the title of the country’s smallest.

At only four inches long and weighing almost exactly 11 onces, 5-month-old Lhasa Apso-Chihuahua crossbreed Tyson is so small he can barley feed himself and is transported in a hamster cage.

“He was tiny when he was born and he was eventually pushed out by his brothers and sisters,” owner Rosemarie McLinden described.

“He just hasn’t really grown since. I had to start feeding him myself as he couldn’t latch on to his mother. He was so small he just could not breastfeed due to the tiny size of his mouth. I bought a little dropper and had to feed him day and night every two hours until he was a little bigger … We’ve just started trying to wean him onto dog food, and we have to rub around his little gums to help him eat.”

Life for the petite pooch has proved to be an exercise in trial and error as once food was figured out, McLinden was faced with another challenge — finding a toy for a dog so tiny even the smallest collar was too big.

“He has one ball that he likes to chase, we found a practice golf ball that he can use, but even that is bigger than his head.”

Motorcycle Wreck has Very James Bond Like Ending

This guy should be dead.  Seriously, the only person alive who should be able to pull that off is Bond, James Bond.

After trying to pass a car in the process of changing lanes, Mr. Bond flies directly into the car’s bumper at full speed. That should be where this story ends.

Instead, he flips in mid air, landing perfectly on top of the roof of the still-moving car he just crashed into.  What happens next?  Well of course he kills the guy in the car and comandeers it for himself on his quest to save the world.