Kid Uses Hammer On ‘Indestructable’ Phone Case, Shatters Phone, Feelings

We're not sure what this kid thought would happen. This is just the beginning of a long life of disappointment in things not turning out to be what they're advertised as.

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Actual Hedgehog Navigates ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Level; Doesn’t Lose Rings

Mashable wanted to see if all hedgehogs were as speedy as Sonic so they created a “high-budget replica” of a Sonic the Hedgehog stage in a recent episode of the Mashable series The Watercooler.  

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Video: Dads Hook Kids Up To Lie Detectors

As a dad, there are some things you just don't want the answer to. These fathers learned that the hard way when they hooked up their own kids to lie detectors and exposed them as the lying adolescents they are. The sons and daughters admitted everything from doing drugs to stealing from their parents. Let's [...]

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Video: Two Guys Who Don’t Know How a Frisbee Works

Frisbees don't come with instructions, because they don't need to.  We all know the basic physics of how they work. But there's a video of two guys at a beach in Bosnia who apparently didn't get the memo.  They're tossing one back and forth overhand, like it's a baseball, so it flips end-over-end every time [...]

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Dude Creates 40 Watt Laser Shotgun in His Garage

Holy shit, kid. This seems like an awful lot of moral responsibility. Imagine how out of control it would be if somebody had one of these on the streets. This changes everything - Burning insects with a magnifying glass is a thing of the past. Lighting fireworks with flame? What kind of medieval plebeian are [...]

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