Video: If Buying Condoms Was Like Buying Birth Control

Some methods of contraception are much easier to access than others: If you want condoms, you head to your local drug store and walk out two minutes later; if you want birth control pills… it’s a process. So what if a guy trying to buy condoms had to go through the same things as a woman who needs a birth control prescription?

video created by BuzzFeed follows a guy in search of a “condom prescription” as he navigates an awkward talk with his father, an uncomfortable medical examination and the significant financial burden of said prescription — as well as a seriously frustrating conversation with his sexual partner when his “prescription” runs out.

BuzzFeed’s video highlights how complicated it is for women in particular to access certain forms of birth control — and how guys have it relatively easy in that respect (at least until a male birth control pill becomes available). Of course, there’s a reason that hormone pills are medically prescribed, unlike condoms, but the process shouldn’t be as stressful as it is.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pick up your birth control pills in the Duane Reade aisle next to the condoms? Wishful thinking — for now at least.

Hawk Knocks Drone Out of Sky

A hawk swooping in and attacking a drone while it was flying over a park in Massachusetts Wednesday was captured on video.

A man was flying is Quad Copter equipped with a GoPro camera at park in Cambridge when the hawk attacked.

A software engineer at Google said the hawk decided he wasn’t happy with his drone invading the airspace and knocked it to the ground.

VIDEO: Man goes off on elderly panhandler after seeing her get into new car

A Oklahoma City man lost it when he saw an elderly panhandler who he gives money to everyday getting into a new car…. and it was all caught on video.

The man says he gives the 78-year-old woman money every time he passes her.  Then, he saw her getting in a2013 Fiat which costs $16,000.

He approached her and let her have it… all while it was being recorded by another person with cellphone. He said that she has a better car than him and he works hard for his money.

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