Dude Catches His Best Friend’s Wife Cheating

Some guy recently caught his best friend’s wife cheating on him, and decided to confront her while RECORDING it.  Now the video’s up on YouTube.

It looks like she’s out at a club or something, sitting at a table with her leg draped over the guy.  Then the friend walks up and calmly asks what’s going on.  And she realizes she’s caught, so she just says, “Yep, you KNOW [what’s] going on.”

Meanwhile, the guy she’s with tries to hide his face by putting his phone in front of it and turning the flash on.

What’s sad is people defending her on youtube!!

Dumb Kid Microwaves Glowstick, It Blows Up In His Face

Seriously, did he think anything good was going to happen?  Let’s think about his dad for a sec, too. Dad was probably sitting down enjoying a good evening of Monday Night Football when he hears the pop and screaming – he probably thought he was done coming to the rescue like this after this dolt turned 7. Instead, it’s 8 years later and he’s still considering buying a helmet so this kid won’t hurt himself.

Christian Mother Puts Monster on Blast For Being Satanic

This mom has really got it out for Monster Energy Drinks. She’s seeing subliminal messages, and she really doesn’t like it.

“Jesus said my people perish for lack of knowldedge.”

Good thing he didn’t mean that literally.

Turns out this isn’t the only satanic product out there. Here’s some more.

If that’s not enough – it looks like those Beats headphones everybody loves might be satanic, too.

Ole Miss Fan Throws Milk Crying Over Loss to LSU

Something tells me this girl has never been told, “No.” Either that or somebody drank too much pumpkin-spice laced booze before the game because she looks to be white-girl-wasted. K-State fans didn’t do this when Baylor robbed us of our National Title hopes.  Those two are going to make some wonderfully obnoxious kids some day.