Kid Turns Crappy Family Boat Trip Into Hip Hop Video

Sometimes the best way to tease your family is to turn their antics into a music video.

Travis Henning captured his family’s tubing day on Lake Charles, complete with arguments and a stepmom who was very concerned about the speed of the boat.

Inspired by his stepmom’s persistent screams of “Slow down,” Travis turned lemons into lemonade and edited the clips together to make a hip-hop music video set to “Slow Down” by Clyde Carson. Because when your family is bugging you, the best way to deal is by turning them into a viral video.

According to his comments on Reddit, Travis’ stepmom was “not happy” with the cheeky video.


Machete-Wielding Robber Scared Off By Clerk With Bigger Sword


Two ninja-clad teens armed with a machete tried to rob a Pittsburgh convenience store but got away with nothing after the cashier pulled out a sword and started chasing them.

Surveillance video shows the teens entering the store — one goes behind the counter with his machete, demanding money.

The cashier then pulls out a sword and knocks the smaller weapon out of one teen’s hand. A customer grabbed the second suspect but he broke free and both teens ran away.

Cops are on the hunt for both.

NSFW: Woman Lights (Ex?) Boyfriend’s Junk On Fire For Cheating On Her


(Warning: This video has naughty language, which makes it unsuitable for children and/or most office environments. Also it has a dude’s junk getting lit on fire,  which makes it unsuitable for men who uncomfortably shift in their seat when they witness another man’s dongle undergo severe trauma.)

A woman lit her boyfriend’s crotch on fire while he was sleeping because he cheated on her,

The woman found out he cheated on her with her co-worker.

While he was sleeping, she snuck up on him, with a camera running, and set the underwear he was wearing on fire.

He wakes up moaning and falls off the bed and she tells him to get his stuff and get out.


News Anchor Refuses To Cover Kardashian Story


An anchor for “Good Day Orlando” named John Brown lost it on Friday, and refused to do yet another story on the Kardashians.  He actually walked off camera, and left his co-host sitting there.  He was kind of joking, but still.

He ranted off-camera for over a minute about how nobody cares what the Kardashians are up to.  The story was about how Kylie Jenner named her pet rabbit “Bruce”, which was obviously Caitlyn Jenner’s old name.  So, you can understand.


Car Drives Through Tornado in Taiwan


A massive typhoon hit eastern China over the weekend, and spawned at least one tornado in Taiwan. And somebody got crazy footage of it on their dash-cam.

As far as tornados go it’s not massive, but it passes right over their car. Then the car in front of them gets thrown all over the road, and seems to disappear. You can see it way in the background a few seconds later though.

You also see a whole row of trees get flattened in about two seconds. Then it’s calm again . . . but suddenly there’s a woman sitting in the middle of the road, and you have no idea where she came from.

Dad Pranks Son With Fake Hand


This is pretty brilliant. Toddlers are always trying to inflict some sort of damage with their fake guns, fake swords, and fake saws. As a parent/other adult, it is your ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITY to sell the injury like a WWE wrestler. This dad went over the top and actually got himself a fake hand to fall off when the kid took the saw to it. Bravo!

Dude Hooks Parachute to SKIN For Base Jump


Some guy from San Francisco recently got his back pierced with four eight-millimeter hooks, and used them to go BASE JUMPING off a cliff in Thailand.

He says getting the piercings hurt, but he had so much adrenaline going, the actual jump didn’t.

You know what hurts? My damn EYES after watching this jackwagon. – Dan