A Mating Tortoise Sounds Like It’s Saying “Wow”

Remember the classic YouTube video of a tortoise making a squeaking sound while it tries to have relations with a shoe?  Well, now there's another video of a much bigger tortoise that's getting it on.  And people think it sounds like it's saying the word "wow." Try this on your significant other, it definitely won't [...]

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Rare-ish Nirvana footage of the band performing “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

This was filmed at a small club in Connecticut two days after they released "Nevermind". And really, for it being recorded on some camcorder in 1991, the footage has held up surprisingly well. The audio definitely beats what most Androids can accomplish at concerts.

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People got high on LSD and tried to assemble IKEA furniture.

Maybe these people are just faking it, but there's a new YouTube channel called "HIKEA" that only uploads videos of people putting together IKEA furniture while they're high on DRUGS... you know, because they felt it needed to be MORE difficult to put that crap together! In episode 2, a dude named Keith tries to [...]

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