12 Year Old Kid Joins Scorpions On Stage

The Scorpions were joined by a 12-year-old guitarist during their show in Brooklyn, New York. The boy joined the band for their song “No One Like You”. They boy said, “'Rock You Like A Hurricane' was the first song and solo I ever learned and played in my first performance at age 8. The Scorpions’ [...]

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Anthony Vincent Covers Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ in Style of Disturbed

You know this guy. He does the 10 second songs. He can nail pretty much any style. Here he is covering Taylor Swift's awful song, "Bad Blood" in the style of Disturbed. Now we just want to see Disturbed cover it.

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Bro-King Jumps Out of Flying Flaming SUV

A group of friends in Alabama set an SUV on fire and jumped it into a lake. The group took a video of the in feat, titling it, “most epic vehicle jump ever” and posted it on YouTube. The driver is seen jumping out of the vehicle in mid-air and landing near the SUV when it [...]

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Guy Recording Himself Driving With Selfie Stick is Served With Instant Karma

Selfie sticks are bad. Recording yourself driving is bad. Together, it's just the worst. That's why this asshole was served with instant karma for using a gopro/selfie stick combo to film himself driving.

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Woman Goes on Racist Rant, Karma is Delivered Instantly

The irony here is great:  Someone posted a video of a woman yelling at a restaurant employee because her food came with green peppers instead of red peppers . . . and her kids, quote, "don't eat green things." Thanks for making Americans look bad. So they offer to remake her food.  But she says [...]

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This school in Northern Ethiopia is using the lyrics to Pearl Jam's "Even Flow" to learn English. What started out as just their teacher writing the lyrics to the chorus on the board turned into the school covering the whole song in English. The teacher found that the students wanted to learn more of the [...]

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Dude Tries to Rob Girl, But She’s an MMA Fighter and Chokes His Ass Out

Two women in Acailandia, Brazil were out Tuesday night when two guys pulled up next to them on a motorcycle and tried to ROB them. But what the men DIDN'T know is that one of the women was Monique Bastos . . . a professional MMA fighter. And when she realized they had knives, not [...]

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Fast Food Worker Pulled Through Drive-Thru Window By Hair

It's not clear where this happened, but someone posted a video of a woman getting into an argument with an employee at a McDonald's drive-thru . . . then yanking her out of the drive-thru window by her HAIR.

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Sinkhole in China Eats Five People

When I was little, I had this irrational fear that the Sarlaac Pit Monster from Return of the Jedi was a real thing and it might just be lurking under the ground wherever I was, ready to drop the floor and eat me. Videos like this don't help me overcome that fear. - Dan

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