Islands of Ants Form to Keep From Drowning

FOX Carolina 21 Turns out, fire ants have the ability to form ant-rafts to keep from drowning. They can even keep the lowest level of the 'raft' from being fully submerged. This phenomena has been observed multiple times in South Carolina, which has had a literal f-ton of rain in the past few days. Pretty [...]

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Airplane Lands On Busy California Street

A small plane had to make an emergency landing on a busy street in Irvine, California last week after its engine failed, and now there's footage of it. Some guy was sitting at a stoplight when it went by, and his dash-cam got it on video.  Luckily it didn't hit any cars, and no one [...]

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Robot Drops F-Bomb on British TV Broadcast

A robot appeared to swear live on BBC Breakfast. The show was coming to an end when (cohost) Charlie Stayt introduced an artificially intelligent robot named Linda behind him. Linda raised some eyebrows when it appeared to say ‘f**k you’ to Stayt and co-anchor Louise Minchin. The robot was apparently trying to say ‘thank you’ [...]

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VIDEO: Dude Escapes Wildfire

In the past few days, a huge wildfire has destroyed hundreds of homes about a hundred miles north of San Francisco.  And a guy who waited a little too long to evacuate posted a pretty crazy video of his drive out. He wrote on YouTube that he didn't realize how close the fire was until [...]

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