The Only Correct Way to Roast Your Holiday Turkey Is With a Flamethrowing Drone

Watching this, you wonder if the drone is really all that necessary. You could just stand there with the flamethrower and roast the turkey like a mid-level badass. After considering that thought, though, it becomes apparent that you DO need the drone to achieve top-level badassery. This makes deep frying your turkey in the front [...]

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Seattle PD Makes PSA Warning Drivers Not to Snort Coke During Traffic Stops

A 73-year-old Seattle man who was pulled over was caught trying to snort cocaine inside his vehicle. When the cop walked up to the vehicle, the driver was pouring the cocaine out of a glass vial. The man claimed the powder was crushed up vitamins. He was arrested and charged with narcotics possession

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This Kidnapping Murder Prank May Have Crossed The Line

A 26-year-old YouTuber named Sam Pepper has a new video where he pranks his friend by pretending to KIDNAP him.  And pretty much everyone thinks he went too far with it, because he essentially DID kidnap him. First a guy sneaks up behind him in an alley . . . puts a bag over his [...]

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Use This Depressing Christmas Ad To Guilt Your Family Into Visiting You

A supermarket chain in Germany has a new Christmas ad that's supposed to make you appreciate your family.  But they chose a pretty dark way to do it.  It starts by showing an old guy spending the holidays alone. Then his kids get invitations in the mail for his FUNERAL. But when they show up [...]

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10 Second Songs Guy Covers Adele’s “Hello” in 25 Styles

We all know that Adele is super talented. Her new single "Hello" is blowing up everywhere, even if it's not exactly our cup of tea. I mean, I DO listen to the song by myself in my car, but that's for another time. Anthony Vincent, the guy who covers songs in 25 different styles has [...]

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VIDEO: Dude Builds Underground Man Cave in His Backyard

Brought to you by the guy who has made his own jetpack and Wolverine-styled claws. This is pretty damn awesome. The only problem is that he made a video that has four million views and everybody's gonna be rushing to take over his man cave if the world ever ends.

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Nun pulled over, charged with DUI

A nun was arrested for a DUI after she crashed into a building in Philadelphia. The woman pulled into a parking lot, backed into a building and shattered its glass door. She fled down the highway but was pulled over a short time later. The nun had a blood alcohol level of .16, twice the [...]

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