Guy Steals Python By Shoving It In His Pants

A guy in Portland, Oregon went to a pet store on Friday afternoon, and stole a two-foot-long ball PYTHON . . . by shoving it down his PANTS. It was a ball python, which isn't venomous.  They get their name because their main defense when they're threatened is to curl into a ball, not bite.  [...]

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Here’s Why You Never Kiss a Snake

It might kiss back. A 29-year-old woman from China was at a zoo in Thailand on Saturday, where they let her kiss a snake.  But unfortunately, it spun around and bit her on the FACE. It wasn't poisonous, so she's okay.  But it latched onto her nose, and she has some pretty nasty bite marks.

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Guy Tells Reporter He’d Blow Powerball Winnings on “Hookers and Cocaine”

A reporter in Nevada was on live TV the other night, asking a guy what he'd do if he hit the Powerball jackpot.  And with zero shame, the guy told her he'd go get a bunch of hookers and COCAINE.

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Dash-Cam Footage of a Car Driving Off a Cliff

A guy in California was lucky to survive after he lost control of his car last year, and drove off a cliff. And on the one-year anniversary this week, he posted dash-cam footage of it that's pretty crazy. It happened near L.A., and you can tell how scared he was . . . you hear [...]

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Woman Busts Starbucks Barista For Identity Theft

A woman in Los Angeles named Juana Martinez found out a 19-year-old Starbucks barista stole her credit card number last Friday, and racked up $212 in charges. So she called the cops, and reported it to Starbucks.  Then she went back to the same Starbucks on Sunday.  And her husband recorded her confronting the girl [...]

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(GENIUS) Bank robber struggled to push a pull-only door…. for eight seconds

A bank in Omaha, Nebraska was robbed by a man and woman, but the guy almost didn’t make it into the bank. A camera caught him struggling for eight seconds to push, instead of pull his way into an unlocked door. The female robber, who walked into the bank first, eventually came back to the [...]

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