Woman stole sex toy because she didn’t want to be unfaithful to her husband

A Florida woman stole a vibrating sex toy because of her troubled marriage. While getting arrested, she told officers, “My husband doesn’t want to touch me anymore. I would rather do this than be unfaithful.” Employees caught the woman taking the item out of its package but she threw the sex toy down after seeing [...]

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Reporter Keeps Her Cool While Huge Ball of Snot Drips from Her Nose During Live Segment

This reporter was on a live feed from Tennessee talking about Chris Christie backing Donald Trump when a huge liquid booger started to come down from her nostril. She didn't let it faze her and carried on speaking to the camera until it dropped to the floor. The reporter didn't say if she knew it [...]

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College Bans Energy Drinks

Middlebury College in Vermont has officially banned the sale of energy drinks on campus. The administration says energy drinks can lead to dangerous sex and alcohol abuse. On top of causing "problematic behavior," the college says drinks like Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy are bad for students' health. A flyer in one of the [...]

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Brazilian guy makes mistake of touching huge snake in his house

This footage, which was taken in Brazil, is of a green anaconda. These snakes, the heaviest in all the world, can weigh over 200 pounds. This one appears to be well over 100 pounds. Green anacondas can be found in remote areas of South America.

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A Guy Tosses Eggs to His Mom, Just to Mess with Her

A video of a guy tossing eggs to his mom when she's not expecting it blew up on YouTube over the weekend. According to the title, he did it for a year straight, just to annoy her and see if she'd catch them. But it only shows him do it 13 times, so it's not [...]

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