A Helicopter Looks Like It’s Flying Without Its Blades Moving

Someone in New York posted footage of a helicopter that looks like it's flying even though its blades aren't moving.  The camera's shutter speed was synched with the rotor, so that's why.     

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The Girl from “The Ring” Climbs Out of a TV at an Electronics Store

The new movie "Rings" comes out next Friday.  It's the new sequel to the horror movie "The Ring" . . . where the girl with long dark hair climbs out of a TV.  And there's a new YouTube video where the producers prank people by making it happen in real life. They pranked people at [...]

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A Man Went Sledding with His Cat

WHO are these people with all the awesome cats I see online? The only thing my cat is good for is tripping me every morning and staring at me with disdain when I call her name.  A video of a guy going sledding with his CAT blew up on YouTube over the weekend. It just [...]

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Golf on ice ends as badly as you think it will

A golfer refused to take a drop from a frozen hazard and decided to play the ball as it lies. As the man attempts to play his shot from the frozen hazard, his back foot slips on the ice and causes him to hit a good six inches behind the ball and crack the ice. [...]

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A Guy Gets Drilled in the Face with a Soccer Ball in Super Slow Motion

The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube posted a new video where one of them gets drilled in the face with a soccer ball. Which they also did a few years ago at a thousand frames per second. But this one's 28,000 frames per second, so it's a lot better. They filled the ball with WATER [...]

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Tom Brady throws block set to “Here I Go Again”, hilarity ensues

This video of Tom Brady attempting to throw a block and deciding not to go through with it is hilarious. Set to the tune of Whitesnake's "Here I go Again" for your viewing pleasure. The quarterback has a good sense of humor about it, even sharing it on his own page. That means we can [...]

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Dude Drank the World’s Largest Pumpkin Spice Latte in Less Than 2 Minutes

Competitive eater Matt "Megatoad" Stonie drank about four cups of coffee, ordered seven Venti Pumpkin Spice Lattes, combined them in a large cup and downed them in under two minutes. He says it is about 4,000 calories. He says it tasted good. He also suggests viewers don't try this at home... because diabeetus.

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A News Anchor Accidentally Drew an R-Rated Cannon on Live TV

Google released a new game the other day called "Quick Draw", where you try to get a robot to guess what you're drawing in 20 seconds or less. It's actually pretty cool. But a local news anchor in Seattle named Kaci Aitchison tried it out on live TV Wednesday. And when she tried to draw [...]

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