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Black Sabbath will play last ever-US show in San Antonio in November

Black Sabbath announced they will play their last ever show in the U.S. on November 12th at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. Sabbath also announced additional shows for November 8th Tulsa, Oklahoma and November 10th in Houston as part of their “The End” tour. The band kicks off the North American leg of [...]

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Video of Guy Fieri eating set to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”

This video doesn't really need much more of an explanation. There's something deeply saddening about watching it, but we can't put our finger on it even though it's somewhere between The Notebook and Marley & Me as far as sadness goes.  

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There’s a robot that will fold, press and perfume your laundry

Finally, the days of your clean laundry sitting in a pile on the foot of your bed is over. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. A California startup company called “FoldiMate” is planning to put a laundry robot is selling a robot that can fold, press and perfume your clothes for you. The robot is expected to [...]

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A Guy Drops a $70,000 Camera While Trying a New Steadicam

A guy was trying a new steadicam at a film convention in L.A. the other day, but got too confident with it . . . and accidentally dropped the $70,000 camera it was attached to. Now, we're going to imagine every Hollywood camera operator dancing around in the middle of a shot.

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Steve Miller wants to investigate the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

After calling the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a "private boys' club", 2016 inductee Steve Miller said he's "planning to investigate" the organization. He went on Howard Stern’s show and said, "It's gonna get better. I'm gonna get these guys. They're gonna be sorry that they treated all these people this way." [...]

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Wood tick racing: It’s a thing

There’s a weird race that takes place in Loretta, Wisconsin… it’s a wood tick race. People who race the ticks have to start by going out and catching them. One hunter said, "They usually like to jump on white cloth. They’ll jump out and usually end up getting caught on the blanket." Another hunter said [...]

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Sebastian Bach started a Twitter war with William Shatner

Sebastian Bach got into a Twitter war with 'Star Trek' legend William Shatner-- and at one point he threatened to visit William Shatner at his home. The exchange started after Shatner sent Bach an emoji of a purple devil face in response to a tweet that Bach liked that Shatner took offense to. From there, [...]

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A Woman Filmed Two Lions Licking Her Tent While She Was Inside

A woman in South Africa posted a video where she's inside a tent on a nature preserve, and two LIONS are licking water off the outside of it. But they either don't know she's there or they don't care. So they don't try to eat her. Does that matter though? Because surely, she's gonna need [...]

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Man Pranks Girlfriend Using Chili Pepper… And A TAMPON

Brad Holmes and his girlfriend Jenny Davies have been in a prank war for a couple of years now. Brad’s most recent prank he rubbed chili peppers all over Jenny’s tampon before she used it. Jenny was both confused and in pain soon after the prank started. Brad filmed her asking her grandmother for assistance [...]

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Radiohead Play “Creep” & “No Surprises” For First Time in Seven Years

Radiohead performed their 3rd show of their tour yesterday in Paris. They continued to showcase their new LP “A Moon Shaped Pool” and they also performed “Creep” and “No Surprises” for the first time in nearly 7 years. The show was also marked the first time Radiohead played at least one track from all nine [...]

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