Video: Dads Hook Kids Up To Lie Detectors

As a dad, there are some things you just don’t want the answer to.

These fathers learned that the hard way when they hooked up their own kids to lie detectors and exposed them as the lying adolescents they are. The sons and daughters admitted everything from doing drugs to stealing from their parents.

Let’s be honest, though; the dads already knew the answer to 90% of these questions.

Video: Smash Mouth Lead Singer Has Meltdown On Stage After Bread Lobbing Incident


Smash Mouth’s lead vocalist Steve Harwell had a major meltdown when pieces of bread were thrown at him during the finale for Taste of Fort Collins in Colorado. His entire tantrum was caught on camera.

Harwell started yelling profanities at the crowd, then being subdued by a security guard and finally walking off the stage ahead of the encore.

He lost his temper when concert attendees started throwing slices of bread in the air. A few pieces reportedly landed on the stage.

Loaves of bread were being given away for free at one of the Taste of Fort Collins vendor booths.

Fans started booing as Harwell spat out a string of insults.

The entire incident lasted about three minutes.

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Video: Two Guys Who Don’t Know How a Frisbee Works


Frisbees don’t come with instructions, because they don’t need to.  We all know the basic physics of how they work.

But there’s a video of two guys at a beach in Bosnia who apparently didn’t get the memo.  They’re tossing one back and forth overhand, like it’s a baseball, so it flips end-over-end every time and goes about ten feet.

And all those studies say Americans are dumb.

Dude Creates 40 Watt Laser Shotgun in His Garage


Holy shit, kid. This seems like an awful lot of moral responsibility. Imagine how out of control it would be if somebody had one of these on the streets. This changes everything – Burning insects with a magnifying glass is a thing of the past. Lighting fireworks with flame? What kind of medieval plebeian are you? The possibilities are endless, and somewhat terrifying. I mean, how close are we to having some schmuck in his garage create a laser as powerful as the one the Navy has?


Video Roundup: Animals Gone Wild!

There are a lot of silly animal vids going around today. Here are our favorites:

The cat that thinks it’s a dog:

The dog that thinks it’s a gymnast:

The armadillo that can’t negotiate a ramp:

Finally, the baby goats that had a pajama party:

Commercial: If Tampons Were Marketed to Guys


This video is super funny. And it makes you think about all the other would-be consequences of a world where monthly manstruation is a real thing. In reality, it’s part of a campaign to spread awareness for the 1.25 billion women around the world who don’t have access to a toilet during their periods.


Also, great hashtag: #IfMenHadPeriods