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Two Lawyers Wrote a Song Called “Don’t Eat Your Weed”

Two lawyers in Texas posted a video on YouTube in September, and it's going viral because it's all about why you shouldn't swallow your WEED to hide it from the cops. The song is called "Don't Eat Your Weed", and the lyrics are about how it's just a misdemeanor if you get caught in Texas [...]

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Bon Jovi Surprises Cancer Stricken Fan With Guitar, Kiss

Jon Bon Jovi surprised a New Jersey woman battling lung cancer. Carol Cesario’s daughter says her mom has been a lifelong fan of Bon Jovi and has always wanted to meet him, so she started a social media campaign last month asking the singer to visit her mom as a surprise. The woman later told [...]

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Taylor Swift covered for Dave Grohl when he was too high to play with Paul McCartney

Taylor Swift covered for Dave Grohl when he was too high to play with Paul McCartney Dave Grohl was doing an acoustic show and told a story about Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift... and pot. He said Paul wanted to jam but Dave was stoned and couldn’t play piano… and all of Paul’s guitars were [...]

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Two previously unreleased Nirvana tracks surface online

A session featuring unreleased Nirvana songs has surfaces online. The tracks were recorded on February 15th, 1993, at Pachyderm Studios. A reel from the session containing seven songs was sold on eBay and the fan who bought it, has shared the tracks online. It includes two versions of the song, “Dumb”, three versions of “Marigold” [...]

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Cops are looking for three men who set off fireworks display at Walmart

We've all had our fun at Wal Mart with the merchandise. Sometimes you gotta build an apartment in the toilet paper aisle. Sometimes you totally shred on the kid's guitars. Sometimes, you set all the car stereo demo models to 101.5 K-Rock, right? Right. But sometimes, you just gotta mess with the fireworks. Maybe try [...]

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Pornhub launches channel for visually impaired

Sometimes I wonder what blind people do when they get to feeling a little feisty with their bad selfs and decide to take care of business on their own. Can they pull up some porn and just go with the sound? I guess. But most of the time, I'm sure they're just stuck with their [...]

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Filter cancels concert after death threats

Rock band Filter has cancelled a Sweden concert, telling fans that death threats that were hard to ignore, given the Orlando massacre and shooting death of singer Christina Grimmie that occurred over the weekend. The band was scheduled to play Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg, Sweden. A rep for Filter said the threats were sent electronically, mentioned [...]

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AC/DC to debut Thunderstruck Tequila

AC/DC has introduced their own brand of tequila called, “Thunderstruck Tequila"... available in Silver, Reposado and Anejo, and will cost between $29.99 and $39.99. It should be available later this year. AC/DC also launched their own brand of beer in 2015. At least they didn't name it after Bon Scott, right?    

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