Pug vs SWAT team

During a standoff in Phoenix, this little guy decided he was gonna go give the SWAT team and their German Shepard a piece of his little mind.  Lucky he didn’t arrested for obstruction.  Livin’ the PUG life.

VIDEO: Fight breaks out at MN gym

A huge fight at an LA Fitness gym in Roseville, MN started over a call on a basketball court, and led to 10 to 15 people being involved.

A police rep said, “People were actually throwing two and a half, five, 10 pound weights within the building,” but this recent fight is just part of a bigger problem.

Police say the gym has been plagued with crime in recent years, and they responded to

147 incidents there in 2013.

Police are frustrated with the gym because their requests to put in security cameras or have guards on site have all been denied, making it difficult for them to take action.

Three adults and three juveniles were arrested after this latest brawl, and one person was taken to a hospital and treated for a concussion.

Yes, there’s totally cell phone video:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Git your cure-all ‘Jesus Shots’ in OK for $300

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An Oklahoma man who goes by the name of “Dr. Mike” is giving people what he calls a ‘Jesus shot’. He claims the potion can cure all.

He had his license to practice medicine in Ohio revoked back in 2005, and after he served time in prison, he moved to Oklahoma.

He’s been injecting folks with this ‘Jesus shot,’ which he claims cures all pain for life. He’s been charging people $300 a shot at his clinic.

A website that outs people who pretend to have military service started looking into him.

He claims to be a former Special Forces doctor that helped develop the Jesus Juice while in the military. He says it’s been used for years to cure any ailment.

The Oklahoma Medical Board is allowing him to practice medicine, unsupervised, for the next 12 years.

Two men fight using Legend of Zelda Weapons

Two Texas men fought– one using a replica sword from the Zelda video game, and the other grabbing a flowerpot.

The fight started when a man was at home with his girlfriend. The girlfriend’s estranged husband knocked on the door, and the girlfriend let him inside. The man told the estranged husband to leave and when he didn’t, he walked back to his room to get his sword replica from the Legend of Zelda Nintendo game.

The estranged husband hit him over the head with a flower pot.

The two men are going to be okay, physically.

Kurt Cobain’s old roomie is selling his stuff on craiglist

Update – 3/5/14:  This is a hoax.  But a funny one.

Kurt Cobain's stuff

Kurt Cobain’s old roommate is selling his belongings–on Craigslist.

The items for sale include a set of skis ($80) and a telephone ($55) as well as a video game called Kingman ($25).

In the listing, the seller writes that he will be selling more of what he says are Kurt’s possessions in the future.

He wrote: “I also have a lot more stuff of Kurt’s, like magazines and clothes that I will be selling off soon. Thank you for looking.”

Here’s the link to the post: