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Ozzy Osbourne Inspires Name for Tree Frog

A tiny tree frog discovered in the Amazon has been named for Ozzy Osbourne. National Geographic reports the creature nicknamed the "bat frog" has been named Dendropsophus ozzyi . It's less than an inch long and has a shrill, batlike call. Pedro Peloso, one of the frog's discoverers, says they kept talking about the "bat frog" in [...]

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AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd’s Murder Charge Dropped

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is no longer facing a charge of attempting to procure a murder. Rudd was accused of attempting to hire one person to kill two others, and of threatening to kill another. He was also charged with possession of methamphetamine and cannabis. Authorities decided there wasn’t enough evidence to justify the charge, [...]

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Megadeth To Record New Album Next Year

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine said the band will go in the recording studio in January. The band is finishing up the writing process right now for the new album. Mustaine said they will be touring the U.S. and South America next August with a huge English metal band. He is hoping to have the new [...]

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