Woman: Cousin Started Fire Because He Can’t Get With Me


A live local news interview got weird real quick after a woman accused her cousin of setting her house on fire because he couldn’t date her.

Officials are investigating the suspicious blaze, which started in a couple’s garage, then spread to a neighbor’s garage

When the reporter (from WKBN 27 in Youngstown, Ohio) asked the woman if she knew what caused the fire, she blamed her cousin, saying,

“He is mad because he can’t get with me. I am married to my husband.”

She then added, “It’s a long story.”

She also claimed her cousin had previously put her husband in the hospital before the reporter wrapped up his report with a straight face.

Authorities say charges have not been filed yet.

Would collecting DNA evidence at the scene even do any good if it’s all in the family? We’re not sure about all that because we do radio and not crime scene forensics. We do know this, though: Thanksgiving is gonna be pretty damn awkward this year.

Dog Does a Front Flip, Lands, Keeps Running

This is really a story about a dog and his frisbee. A bond stronger than anything in chemistry. A dog will stop at NOTHING to be reunited with his dear frisbee pal. So, do you think a fence is gonna get in the way of this sacred relationship?




Pro Surfer Fights Off Shark Attack

A world champion surfer stopped a shark from attacking him by punching the beast in the back.

Surfing legend Mick Fanning fought off the animal during the final round of the J-Bay Open in South Africa.

He described the moment he realized the shark was behind him as terrifying, saying: ‘I was waiting for the teeth to come at me.’

Footage released by the World Surf League shows the shark’s fin rise from the water before following Mr Fanning as he paddled out of the shallows.

The three-time world champion was knocked off his board before he tried to use it as a shield to keep the shark from biting him. The clips ends with officials hauling him into a rescue boat.

I’d say he probably needed a new wetsuit after that, but, dude is a pro. I bet the shark ended up being the one shitting itself.

Iron Maiden to Release Limited Edition Trooper 666 Beer This Fall


Iron Maiden will release a limited edition beer called Trooper 666 on October 1st. The beer will have the same recipe as the band’s original Trooper beer but will have a higher alcohol by volume percentage. Trooper beer had 4.4% abv while Trooper 666 beer will have a 6.6% abv.

Pre-orders for the beer began earlier this month.

Trooper beer was released in 2013 and has sold over 10 million pints.

Dude Rocks Out on His Recorder While Stuck in Traffic


Someone recorded a guy sitting in traffic in Pasadena, California, listening to “La Grange” by ZZ Top (turn it up!) . . . and ROCKING out to it on a recorder, like the ones they made you play in third grade.

Then he starts driving WHILE he’s playing, even though a cop is right next to him.

AC/DC’s Phil Rudd Dodges Jailtime


A New Zealand judge sentenced AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd to eight months of home detention after he pleaded guilty to threatening to kill a man who used to work for him, along with possession of methamphetamine and marijuana.

The 61-year-old drummer had faced up to seven years in prison because he’d offered large amounts of cash, vehicles and a house to an associate after asking him to have the victim “taken out.”