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Viral: Dog Thinks He is People

We'd say our pets are just like humans, but honestly, we know they'd take offense. (You know the drill: It's our dogs' world, and we're just living in it.) Seriously though, we treat them like humans, it only seems natural that they would take on some of our characteristics. Next thing you know, the dog [...]

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Magician Gets Out of Speeding Ticket With Rubik’s Cube Trickery

There really aren't many reasons to become a magician these days other than cheap living room entertainment. You definitely can't score women with your magic. Though there might be one of those awful double standards where if you're a girl it'd help you pick up a dude. That's besides the point, because there's totally a [...]

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Video: Half Naked Woman Beats Meat On Herself

There's a video on YouTube called 'Meat Beat,' where a girl in lingerie smacks a bunch of raw meat against her body to create a drum beat.  You're hearing sausages, baloney, shrimp, ground beef, steak, a fish, and a crab.  (She doesn't actually play the whole beat at once . . . they recorded all the sounds [...]

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