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Twerker Falls Out of Car

A six-second Vine video of a girl falling out of a moving car while TWERKING is getting a bunch of hits online.  She's hanging out of the passenger side door, and apparently she's actually doing a dance called the "whip", but it looks just like twerking. Then the video cuts off right after she falls, [...]

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Video: Guy Almost Gets Creamed by Semi

On Sunday, a guy on the highway near New Brunswick, New Jersey started recording after a semi hit some black ice and crashed right in front of him.  Then he turned around . . . and saw ANOTHER semi lose control, and it was coming right at him. Luckily, it missed him though, and the [...]

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Here’s Johnny: Dude Chops Through Neighbor’s Door With Machete

54-year-old Twain Thomas was sentenced to 15 years in prison last week . . . for chopping through his neighbor's door with a MACHETE last February, and trying to KILL him. Twain had actually kicked the guy's door in once before, so he bought a gun.  And this time, the neighbor defended himself by shooting him THREE [...]

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Metallica Working on New Album

Metallica posted a photo on their Instagram page of bassist Rob Trujillo playing in the studio. The photo taken by Lars Ulrich is captioned, “Rockin along.” Trujillo said the band is laying the blueprint for the album and have a lot of ideas for songs. He said he is happy with what they are doing instrumentally. The [...]

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