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Jon Stewart Delivers a (Low) Blow to Seth Rollins on WWE Raw

The Jon Stewart/Seth Rollins feud has really been heating up. It all started with Rollins saying some not-so-nice things about The Daily Show, then with Stewart cutting a promo in return. After that, Rollins actually showed up at The Daily Show and 'invited' Jon Stewart to come to Raw when they were in New Jersey. [...]

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Metallica Has a Touring Washing Machine

Think your band has 'made it'? Think again. Metallica has their own touring washing machine! If you've ever wondered why they look so damn good on stage, wonder no more. When their clothes are clean, they feel confident enough to play some of their lesser-known songs like "Dryer's Eve" or "Until it Spins". Even our [...]

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Pantera Responds to Band Who Vandalized Dimebag’s Grave

Pantera responded to the unknown band who vandalized the grave of late guitarist Dimebag Darrell. Pantera asked everyone to show respect to the guitarist and his grave. They are disgusted by what happened and called the cops. A band who uses the social media handle, “crustyplague” spit on Dimebag’s grave, wrote a homophobic slur and [...]

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Sweet Butt Music: Check Out The Booty Drum

We all know what TWERKING is now, so maybe this was just a matter of time: Now you can create a song using the unique gyrations, claps, jiggles, and pops of your OWN butt cheeks. An audio design company called AIAIAI in Denmark just created a new invention called the Booty Drum, that creates music [...]

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Fake Jim Carrey Fools Czech Awards Show

If I was in the audience, I would've been thinking, "How lame has Jim Carrey become? He's just gonna walk out, pop some confetti, and leave? Booooo!". But - it was lame because it wasn't the real thing, just some cheap Czechoslovakian knockoff Jim Carrey. If any mystery remained, though, the REAL Carrey took to [...]

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