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Robot Love Story Animated with 1300 Rubik’s Cubes is Cool Enough to Hold Your Attention For a Few Minutes

...And the award for "Most Free Time on Their Hands" goes to Mystery Guitar Man! Seriously. I can't even solve one Rubik's cube, ever. This guy and his crew had to solve them countless times to make this badass vid.

By | 2015-04-06T07:26:25-05:00 April 6th, 2015|AS SEEN ON THE RADIO|0 Comments

Shoplifter Crawled Through Vents, Dropped From Ceiling in Daring Walmart Escape

A guy shoplifted some shoes, a hat, a watch, and some underwear from a Walmart in Mobile, Alabama last week.  And maybe he had prior arrests or something . . . because he turned into SPIDER-MAN to avoid being arrested. A security guard caught him in the act, and locked him in an office until [...]

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Group of Men Attack Chuck E. Cheese Staff (VIDEO)

How is it possible that ADULTS behave worse than kids at a Chuck E. Cheese? It's a child's palace of anarchy. A group of people were at Chuck E. Cheese in Parma, Ohio for a kid's birthday party on Sunday night, and tried to take a photo in the photo booth . . . but [...]

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