Twisted Sister Announce Tribute Show For AJ Pero

Twisted Sister announced a tribute show for their late drummer A.J. Pero. The concert will take place June 13th at Starland Ballroom in New Jersey.

Pero passed away on March 20th after suffering a heart attack while on tour with Adrenaline Mob.

Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French said the band is discussing their short and long term plans.

Father of Late GWAR Singer Files $1 Million Suit Against Band

The father of late Gwar frontman David Brockie claims the band stole the cremated remains of his son and won’t return them. He was given a small amount of ashes in a plastic bag.

He also claims the band set up a charitable fund in Brockie’s name and selling merchandise using the late lead singer’s likeness without permission.

His father’s $1 million suit against the band also claims the band stole his bass guitars, artwork, tour souvenirs, a gold record and more. He also said the band tried to take away his control of his son’s estate.

Gwar says allegations are false 

Gwar has denied stealing the ashes….. because that’s what he would have wanted.

Brockie didn’t leave a will which has caused arguments between the band and his father over who owns the rights to the late singer’s likeness.

Money that was raised through his likeness was given to a charitable arts foundation.

The band said Brockie wanted some of his ashes to be spread throughout Richmond, Virginia so he could keep an eye on the band.

Guy on Jeopardy Thinks Age of Consent is 12


“It’s puberty. Puberty. PUBERTY!”

To be fair, though, the answer used the phrase “common law” which might trip you up for a second. Unfortunately in the of Jeopardy, you gotta be faster than a second. This dude’s wrong split second answer has him sounding just a LEETLE creepy.

Shoplifter Crawled Through Vents, Dropped From Ceiling in Daring Walmart Escape


A guy shoplifted some shoes, a hat, a watch, and some underwear from a Walmart in Mobile, Alabama last week.  And maybe he had prior arrests or something . . . because he turned into SPIDER-MAN to avoid being arrested.

A security guard caught him in the act, and locked him in an office until the cops got there.  At least . . . that was the plan.

The guy managed to climb into the air vents . . . crawled 20 feet . . . kicked out the ceiling tiles . . . dropped down onto the door frame of the front entrance . . . jumped to the ground . . . avoided at least a dozen people trying to catch him . . . and ran away.

A guy named Brannan Lynn was eating at a McDonald’s IN the Walmart . . . now THAT’S America  . . . and managed to get video of it.

The Knockout: A Beerbong Bong


This has to be the quickest way to get messed up on booze and weed. This is ingenuity any college student can get behind! This is also great for a party animal on the go. Chug your beer and get your weed at the SAME TIME! Brilliant!