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Paul McCartney Meets Women Who Inspired Beatles’ ‘Blackbird’

Paul McCartney met two of the women who helped inspire the Beatles' White Album classic "Blackbird"backstage at his Little Rock, Arkansas concert Saturday night. The women, Thelma Mothershed Wair and Elizabeth Eckford, were two members of the Little Rock Nine, a group of nine black students who faced discrimination and the lasting impact of segregation after enrolling in the all-white Little Rock Central [...]

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Woman walks through mine field in ‘blast-proof’ suit

Warning: Not safe for life. Russia recently tested a full-body suit that supposedly protects you from explosions.  And they posted a crazy video where a woman uses it to walk through a MINEFIELD. It looks like the explosions didn't shoot shrapnel like real landmines do.  So it's not clear how blast-proof it really is.  But [...]

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Ready to cringe? Watch this kid botch a suplex and almost break his neck

Sumpah ini manusia batu @foursquare12 A video posted by Yola Arnanda Lenzun (@yolaarnandaalenzun) on Mar 27, 2016 at 8:08pm PDT Someone in Indonesia posted a video where a guy suplexes his friend into a swimming pool. But instead of falling into the pool with him, he bends over backward the whole way until he slams [...]

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Green Day is working on their 12th studio album

Green Day is currently back in the studio working on their 12th studio album. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong didn’t give an exact release date but the band hopes to have the album out in the fall. In January, Armstrong tweeted a photo of himself in the studio and said he wanted to end the phrase, [...]

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Billy Corgan compares social justice warriors to the KKK

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was on Alex Jones' radio show, Infowars. Billy said the social justice movement's biggest threat is a lack of tolerance of other view points. He says social justice warriors are looking to get offended and every word is a "landmine" to them. Billy Corgan has criticized the “social justice mob [...]

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