Cops hauled Afroman off stage because he punched a female fan in the face.

The rapper was performing in Biloxi, Mississippi when witnesses say the woman got on stage and walked up to Afroman — and then suddenly, without warning, he turned and landed a right-handed haymaker to her face.

The woman went down hard. She was bleeding and crying while Afroman kept on performing until the house lights came on and the music stopped.

Security helped the woman off the stage — while cops took Afroman.

Afroman’s rep says the rapper had no idea if the fan was a man or a woman — he just reacted to someone being on stage.

The rapper was booked for assault, and released after paying a $330 bond.

KROCK’s All-Time Favorite SNL Skits

Shawn Rock – “Well this wasn’t easy because I could find so many that I love! SNL shorts are so great and really some of their best work. Eddie Murphy changed the game when he joined SNL. This is proves it.”

Dan Halen – “Gotta go with the Lov-ahs in the Hot Tub mostly because I get a huge kick out of the cast losing their shit in the middle of a sketch because the premise is so out there.”

Mitch Fortner – In my opinion, Tom Hanks is the best host SNL has had. He always killed it in every skit. Having him in Wayne’s World was a wonderful idea. Here you can see why.

Mr. Crowley – “There should be no explanation needed for why this is my favorite.”

Cate Carrier – “Mine is the amazing Christopher Walken taking a census survey. Reason: Because he plays a convicted criminal living alone in an apartment with a bobcat working 56 hours a week as a street performer. And his life sounds pretty damn good.”

Drewcifer – “My favorite Richard Pryor skit cannot be aired due to language, so I’ll go with this one. Pryor is my all time favorite comedy genius, plain and simple.”

Megan Love – “Because I’m that mature…”

Shawn & Dan’s “Playlist Playoff” Songs: Drug Drone Playlist

Dan and Shawn chose four songs each for their “Drug Songs” playlist in honor of the Mexican drug drone that crashed on the border of Mexico.

Here is Friday morning’s Playlist Playoff songs from Shawn and Dan:

Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf

Metallica – Master of Puppets

Weezer – Hash Pipe

Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

Nirvana – On a Plain- Suggested by Michael Lewis (winner)

Johnny Cash- Cocaine Blues

The Runaways- Wasted

The Rolling Stones- Sister Morphine

Ramones- Chinese Rock

Eric Clapton- Cocaine Suggested by Luke Goodenow (winner)

Foo Fighters joined by David Lee Roth, Lemmy, Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper and more during show in Los Angeles (videos)

Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth joined the Foo Fighters on stage Saturday night in Los Angeles to perform “Panama” and “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love.”

KISS frontman Paul Stanley joined them for “Detroit Rock City” and Alice Cooper played “School’s Out.”

Black Label frontman Zakk Wylde performed the Black Sabbath songs, “N.I.B.” and “Fairies Don’t Wear Boots.”

Wylde also joined Slash and Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister to close out the show.

Proceeds from the show benefited the Rock School Scholarship Fund, MusiCares and Sweet Relief.


The Foo Fighters w David Lee Roth playing Van Halen’s Panama The Forum 1/10/15

Foo Fighters w Tenacious D & Slash Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin The Forum 1/10/15

2015.01.10 Foo Fighters with Alice Cooper “School’s Out” & “I’m Eighteen”

2015.01.10 Foo Fighters with Zakk Wylde “NIB”