Jordy Nelson Defends Manhattan,KS On The Dan Patrick Show (Video)

From The Dan Patrick Show:

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson joined the show to stick up for Manhattan, Ks. He was listening when Dan said he’d like to live in Manhattan — and then clarified Manhattan, N.Y., not Kansas. Nelson told Dan Manhattan is a great town and invited him to Nelson’s Landing, his family’s restaurant. (via The Dan Patrick Show)

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Dude Gets Knocked Out By Brick Used to Break Into Car


Whoops! Doesn’t he know the right way to do this is to cover your hand with your jacket while holding the brick and smash it into the window until it breaks? Not that we know how to do that or anything. Either way, the owners thought the guy had been assaulted. That is, until they found the brick.

Rockfest 2015 Lineup Announced


In case you hate videos, here’s the schedule:


Monster Energy Stage Harley Davidson Stage
Rob Zombie – 9:40pm Anthrax – 8:55pm
Volbeat – 7:55pm In This Moment – 7:25pm
Papa Roach – 6:25pm Nothing More – 5:55pm
Tech N9ne – 5:05pm Motionless in White – 4:35pm
Halestorm – 3:45pm We Are Harlot – 3:15pm
All That Remains – 2:35pm Otherwise – 2:05pm
Pretty Reckless – 1:25pm Crobot – 12:55pm
Sidewise – 12:00pm

Dude Wearing a Mentos Suit Hops Into Tub Filled With Coke


Why? Why is this even going viral? We may never know. In case you were looking for another way to make a giant mess, though, you’re covered!

We think Mentos and Coke should officially team up and make a commercial. Imagine the explosion they could get with their combined advertising budgets!